Art director for fashion shoots, graphic designer, set and interior designer, but real passion is art and painting.
My training in illustration at the European Design Institute, allowed me to study a vast array of techniques in line with my artistic passion.
The figurative portrait has always been my favorite. A skillful portrait study interprets not only the face, but also capture the essence, the thought, the character of the subject be it human or animal. The techniques that I use are charcoal, acrylic and oil.


Milano Design Week – Blue Deep- Waiting for sun -from 6/2 June 22

Ibiza CAM ArtFair – Ami manera – Club de Arte – 13 /30 July 22

Munich 22 Gallery – 40X40 Zentimeter – 8/18 Dec. 22

Zurich Swissartexpo – Artbox – 7/11 sept. 23


IED Illustration and design Milano

ISAD master interior design Milano

LAB/immagine – owner and art director of fashion communication agency Milano

LAB/gallery – owner and art director concept store Milano